Friday, 5 August 2011

Vintage Threads Fair Tomorrow

Our monthly fair takes place tomorrow, Saturday the 6th of August
Where: The Circle Club (just off St.Anns square in Manchester city centre)
When: From 12-5.30
What to expect: Reworked and original vintage clothes for men and women, from £5 dresses to Barbour jackets. There has been the occasional Chanel item.... There are often several Belstaffjackets and there is always a lot of accessories.
Why we love it: There are a selection of stalls so we are guaranteed to find something we like. There are clothes for men and women so everyone is happy. It is very unlikely that we will buy something that one of our friends already owns. It's in the city centre so an easy stop off after we've been to Topshop. It's less crowded than the high street on a Saturday. It's exciting to rummage through and find the best bits. It's cheap!

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