Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Style Icon: Mick Jagger

We have blogged about his stylish ex's, Marianne Faithfull and Bianca Jagger so I think it was about time that we blogged about the man himself! He is one of Britain's favourite style icons, the ultimate king of cool with charisma and style that makes women swoon! We love how he rocks the skinny jean (copied my many men in the Northern Quarter) almost as much as we love his music. His look is brave, androgynous, hippy meets preppy.

At Vintage Threads there are always sheepskin jackets for sale and there there are never ending baskets full of scarves, which help to make the look a cheap and easy one to recreate! I don't think many of our male Vintage Thread's shoppers could deny being inspired by his style, and it's not only men who are influenced by the king of cool, we often see girls in skinny jeans, blouses and neck scarves.

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