Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Summer is on its way

Has anyone else noticed and got completely overexcited by the glimpses of sunshine we have had in Manchester over the last few days. It is raining as I type but this morning it definitely felt like Spring.

I have begun to get excited with thoughts of summer evenings, barbeques, festivals and beer gardens. Most fashionistas are planning their holiday outfits and doing some half hearted dieting, hoping they will look as good as Alexa Chung does in a tea dress and wellington boots.

At the last Vintage Thread's fair there was a noticeable change in product. There were still a few furs and capes on the rails (lets face it they are needed here all year round) but there were also some gorgeous print dresses, denim hotpants and sunglasses. I am looking forward to seeing what summery items will be at April's fair. I'm hoping for some straw hats.

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