Monday, 17 January 2011

70's inspiration for the boys

Recently we have been blogging about trends that have been mainly based around women. We have been inspired by an overload of women's magazines in the shops! But this week there is a huge amount of excitement around menswear with the fall collections showing in Milan.

We are loving some of the vintage inspired shows... especially Cavalli, which is very 70's.

We think the Vintage Threads man will love it too because the Vintage Threads man is dapper. He doesn't wear jeans hanging around his knees with Stussy t-shirts. He wears neck scarves, slim fitting trousers and good shoes. He is more inspired by Keith Richards than P.Diddy. Oh, and lots of our Vintage Threads men are fans of facial hair and quiffs, so we are guessing they will love the models chosen for the show.

We hope to see them around Manchester's Northern Quater soon and after the last few days shows they will have no reason to say men's fashion is boring.

Cavalli Fall 2011

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