Sunday, 2 January 2011

Stylespotterfashionblogger's Vintage Threads Purchases

As editor of the Vintage Threads blog it is my duty to attend the fair and rifle through the rails in search of some of the best bits. This can be a bit dangerous for the wallet as I have been unable to resist some shiny, cheerful bargains. From sequin jackets to Pat Butcher earrings, I always have some shopping bags to smuggle home.
Few of the pieces I have bought have spent long in the wardrobe, they have hit the dance floors of Manchester within a matter of hours and I have been safe in the knowledge that it is unlikely that I will bump into anyone in the same outfit!

OUFIT NUMBER 1 : Both Jacket and earrings are from Vintage Threads. Clip on earrings, £5. Sequin jacket £25, an absolute bargain for such sparkle joy!

OUTFIT NUMBER 2: Dress from Jeny and Amber stall at Vintage Threads, either £10 0r £15, I can't remember. I work it with a big bow on my head. (pictures of this will be on my own blog tomorrow)

Hat, £10 This has hardly left my head with which such short hair has been very cold. I am not a beanie hat wearer so it has been a great alternative.
Frank Usher Maxi dress, £5 (BARGAIN). I have yet to wear this, it needs a trip to the dry cleaners for a freshen up. It is definitely going to get a lot of wear through the Spring.
Picture, £7. My one piece of homeware from Vintage Threads. It's a German postcard print and I absolutely had to have it. My boyfriend was puzzled to why I wanted a picture of a naked lady on a bull.

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