Thursday, 11 November 2010


With Movember having well and truly set in, we are hoping that lots of our vintage threads male fans are doing what they can for charity by letting their facial hair grow. Through November they can't be lazy and grow a full beard. Movember is about moustaches, which take careful styling. What look are our boys going to go for?

The Clarke Gable pencil moustache? Ladies will always love this classic neat look.
The Salvador Dali? An unusual look which will take a lot of work.
Or a slightly less extravagant curl than Dali but a curl all the same like Poirot?
A full on manly moustache (the walrus) like Magnum PI? Great for those extra hairy men who have trouble trimming, but not so nice for kissing.
A neat handlebar like Jimi Hendrix?
What about a handlebar like Hulk Hogan? Or is this a little bit redneck?
Will they let their moustache attach to their sideburns Lemmy from Motorhead?
Or will they pair it with wild hair Black Sabbath style?

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  1. haha! i have one now! it's more of a mocha stain that anything