Friday, 5 November 2010

Our First Post

You may have noticed that this blog site has been up for quite a while and no posts have actually been up, but here is our first one; we are getting started! We will be here to give you vintage and general fashion inspiration as well as updating you on all the goings on at the Vintage Threads Market.

Vintage Threads is the UK’s largest vintage market where you can by anything from a £5 blouse to the occasional vintage Chanel item. It’s run by the lovely people at Manchester Fashion Network and held on the first Saturday of every month (we have one tomorrow) in the Triangle in Manchester city centre.

Tomorrow is my first proper day at the market and I am very excited; my purse is shaking in my paw. We will be there to pap the style, hunt down some of the best pieces, shop a little ourselves and find out what you guys are buying and where you are getting your vintage inspiration.

See you there!

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  1. Ohh congrats on the first post! May it be one of many!