Monday, 8 November 2010


Identified by Salvador Dali as a 'Gothic Crow', Patti is known as the godmother of punk. There is power in the way she dresses and like a lot of female rock icons her look represents female strength.

She is conscious of who she is and uses her clothes to express this, she created 'her look' in the 1970's and has stuck with it. Whether barefoot or in cowboy boots, ethereal dresses or a man's suit, her style represents freedom. Her clothes are a mix of items thrifted from salvation army stores mixed with Ralph Lauren and Ann Demeulemeester (a close friend of hers) and although her look may seem to be 'anti-fashion' she appreciates well cut clothes and every outfit is very thought out.

"My style is look and me, don't look at me. It's I don't care what you think"

Patti Smith Dream of Life, a film by Steven Sebring

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